Can i make the notes as mandatory in the manual intervention step

Hi Everyone

I am trying to make the notes as mandatory in the manual intervention step and need to add a step where they can attach file (mandatory)

Let me know, is there a way to do it.


Hi there

Thanks for reaching out!

Its not possible to make the notes field mandatory. If it was possible to make it mandatory, people could just type a . into the field, and then you’d have the same issue of incorrect data. I’d recommend you approach this as a communication issue and if people are not entering the correct data, talk to them.

You could also use the api in a subsequent step to check that they have entered valid data in the previous step, and fail the build if they haven’t.

As for attaching a file, you can attach a file from within a build process, but you cannot attach one directly from the Octopus UI. Can you explain a bit more what you’re trying to do?


Hi Matt

Thanks for your quick response,
Regarding the file attachment .whenever someone approve the request, they will be attaching a sign off document. need to know how i can i add that step and what variable is that file stored in.


Hi Khalid

Unfortunately there is no way of attaching a document like this.

You might have to do something like get them to paste a link into the notes field to an external system that holds the files.

Hope that helps!