Can I highlight task log entries?

There are specific task log entries that I want to find easily. Is there a way to highlight them or mark them as special in Octopus?

The Highlight log level will show lines bold with blue color. It also displays them with in the Task Summary for easy viewing.

The following script (PowerShell) will highlight some logs. You can also use the markdown syntax for links to create links to resources outside of the deployment.

Write-Host "This is not highlighted"

Write-Highlight "This is an important piece of information"
Write-Highlight "This is a [link to Jenkins](http://jenkins.local)"

Write-Host "##octopus[stdout-highlight]"

Write-Host "This line is highlighted"
Write-Host "This line is also highlighted"

Write-Host "##octopus[stdout-default]"

Write-Host "This is also not highlighted"

You can highlight a single line by using Write-Highlight or highlight multiple lines written to stdout by writing the special message ##octopus[stdout-highlight]. Messages written to stdout will be highlighted until the message ##octopus[stdout-default] (or another log level) is written to the logs.

The task summary for this script looks like this: