Can I Have Multiple Built-In Package Repository Instances?

I am using the Octopus Built-In package repositiory and uploading simple zip files. This has worked great so far, but as I now progress further to consider feature branches of code in development I need to find a way to produce packages from the feature branch that are not considered newer version of the existing packages…bearing in mind there could be multiple feature branches and each feature branch is building and wanting to deploy.

Given each feature branch #could# require changes to the deployment project, we clone the project for the duration of the feature branch. Once the branch is merged into the main codebase, the base deployment project is then brought into line with any changes we made in the clone (this is painful in itself, as there is no way to compare or merge deployment projects).

One way I would like to achieve this is to be able to specify at a Project level package feed - and because I use zips, I need to use the built-in package repository - but it seems I can only have one of these. I would like to be able to add another feed of type built-in package repository. I can then throw that repository away once the feature branch is finished with.

A long winded question, but:

  • Can I have multiple instances of the built-in package repository?
  • If not if there a repository out there that is happy to take simple zip files rather than a full NuGet package?
  • Is there a way to define which feeds a given project can use…if not I would need to use a variable in the project and have the each Step derive the right repository via the variable



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