Can I format a URL via PowerShell Write-Host so that it will be clickable from the Octopus deployment UI?

I’m building a set of deployment step templates that will trigger a Load Test with our testing tool. Once the load test starts, I have the URL being stored in a text file that Octopus can read from. Right now I’m getting the URL and doing a simple Write-Host:

Write-Host "The Load Test has started! To watch it, click here: " $url

but when Octopus displays this text during the deployment, the URL is just text. It would be nice if it was a hyperlink. I tried a couple quick and dirty ideas like wrapping $url as etc but I am just breaking it.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to have my URL be a hyperlink in this situation?

Hi Kyle,

Thanks for reaching out. This isn’t possible, and I honestly don’t see it happening anytime soon. Logs are supposed to be just plain text and not have any kind of special formatting like that.

What you could do is use the API to change the notes of your release using Powershell, and insert some markdown text with your hyperlink.


Hi Dalmiro, thanks for your response! I can understand your reasoning and that is perfectly acceptable, I was just curious. Thanks again!