Can a deployment trigger another project to deploy?


We have a situation where in our development and test environments where we regularly restore a copy of the production database for testing. This database is obviously behind the current development code base and needs updating.

Now as I’m lazy and Octopus Deploy rocks, I have setup a project that collects the latest database backup and restores it to the requested environment. To update the database structure I have another project setup in octopus, what I would like to do is trigger a deployment of the most recent release of this project at the end of the database restore to the same environment.

Is this possible ??

Thanks, Jon.

Hi Jon,

Thanks for reaching out. Totally possible using Octo.exe ->

I’d recommend you to setup a Tentacle on the Octopus server, put Octo.exe on that machine, add a role to that Target like OctopusServer and have a step on your deployment process that’s only executed on machines with that role (to make sure it runs only once).

Once we ship 3.3 (currently in pre-release), I’d recommend you to upgrade to that version, as we’ve introduced a step to execute scripts straight from the Octopus server without the need of a Tentacle.

Hope that helps,

Hi Dalmiro,

Thanks for the fast reply. I’ll have a look into the octo.exe solution, but waiting for 3.3 seems to be the easiest and cleanest option.

For the moment I think I’ll add an email step to remind me to run the database update project.

Thanks, Jon.