Call Octopus REST API from BizTalk send port

Just wanted to check if anyone has worked on Integration between Octopus REST API and BizTalk. I’m actually looking for a way of communication between BizTalk send port and Octopus REST API.

Also, is there a way to call Octopus REST API from SOAPUI REST project by passing the API-KEY as a parameter.



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There’s no built-in integration with BizTalk, but if all you need to do is talk to the Octopus API, that’s easy enough from Powershell/Curl. Can you execute PS scripts from BizTalk?

The API-Key has to be provided in the header of the the HTTP call to the API.

Let me know if you have any other questions about this.

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Is there any REST API available for Octopus which can be called via XML rather than JSON?



Unfortunately not. You could use Powershell to turn XML into an object, and then convert that to JSON for the REST calls.