Calamari v Octopus Server versions


Searched for this on your website but I’ve been unable to find it. Is there anywhere that documents which version of Calamari ships with a version of Octopus Deploy?


Hi Matthew,

Thanks for getting in touch! There isn’t a page where we list the version of Calamari shipped in Octopus Server. Calamari and Octopus Server are a bit like Siamese twins: they are locked to each other. We separated the repositories so we could open up the source of Calamari, which has been really useful. We similary split out Tentacle into its own repository and release cadence which has also been really useful.

Even though there is no publicly listed version chart, I could dig up some version comparisons for you if that helps.

Just in case I can help you in another way, what is your reason for knowing the versions of Calamari shipped with Octopus?

Hope that helps!


That does help, thanks.

Could you let me know which version ships with 2019.13.1 LTS of Octopus Deploy or to put it another way, which version of Octopus Deploy ships with 4.15.0+ of Calamari.

Thanks again!

Hi Matthew,

Octopus Server 2019.3.1 LTS embeds Calamari 4.15.4.
Calamari 4.15.0 shipped with Octopus Server 2019.2.7.

Hope that helps!

Fantastic. Thanks for that Michael

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