Calamari using up entire system drive

Hi. I’m running Octopus 3.1 and have installed a tentacle on the Octopus server so I can run PowerShell scripts there (for things like HipChat notifications). All my other deployment steps are to Azure cloud services so I don’t have or need any other tentacles.

I’ve had a problem recently where I ran out of disk space on the Octopus server’s system drive (C:), despite it being 50GB and all Octopus data being on a separate drive. I had the drive extended to 70GB and within a week, it has filled up again.

I took some time today with my IT Administrator to look into it and we discovered that Calamari is writing temp files in the Windows directory (systemprofile). It’s obviously not deleting them when it’s finished, nor is it using the secondary hard drive that I’ve configured in both the Octopus manager and the Tentacle manager.

Please see attached screenshot of the disk usage.

Thanks, Richard.

Hi Richardp,
We haven’t heard this issue come through from any other users so I’d be interested to know what the contents of that folder is. Could you shoot through a sample of those files along with any information about what tasks seem to be creating them. If you manually clean the Calamari folder up and then run a single deployment, do those folders get populated?
Thanks for letting us know of this potential issue, although Calamari does create temporary files it should be cleaning up after itself.

The temp folder contains 67905 subfolders, where each is identified by a GUID and appears to represent a single deploy step to deploy an Azure cloud service. I’ve attached a screenshot of one of those subfolders.

Hi Richard,

We’ve replicated this problem. I have created an issue, and committed a fix. This will be shipped in the next release (3.2.4), which should be available later this week or early next week.

In the meantime, one idea would be to have a PowerShell script step that executes and deletes that Temp directory after each deploy.

We apologize for the inconvenience.