Calamari update NEVER takes place in 3.2 + Persistent Warning message

After upgrading to Octopus Server 3.2 AND updating all the tentacles across I keep getting the following warning, no matter what I try to do.

The message claims that “the machines will upgrade Calamari automatically as part of the deployment” but this is never taking place (inspecting the deployment logs).

I’ve tried:

  1. Initially, upgraded the tentacles via the Octopus Environment page and then upgraded the Calamari version also through that page. In the Task logs, I didn’t see any push of the Calamari packages. This looks like part of a bug.
  2. Then I tried wiping the tentacle instance on the target machine and binding it again to the Octopus Server. Retried #1 above and the same problem persists.
  3. Then I tried re-installing the tentacle altogether but this time from the .msi installer. Repeated # 1. Again, same problem.


Thanks for reaching out. This seems to be problem in that page only. I’ve submitted a github issue for this (apparently) fake warning:

If after running a health check on those Machine’s Environments, you see it says they are running the latest version of Calamari, then it means the upgrade was successful and that you should disregard the warning seen in your screenshot.



It seems however I am not running Calamari 3.2 in my tentacles.

Unless 3.2 stands a shorthand to 3.1.2+Branch.master.Sha.08f592c501569f343a331d542df3878d35959e69

Please help me clarify this issue. Thanks for your help!

Hi Fernando,

Latest Calamari version is actually 3.1.2, Calamari versioning is not in lock-step with Octopus at the moment.

Like Dalmiro said, we do have a bug with Octopus incorrectly showing that there are Tentacles that are running out-of-date Calamari’s.

Thank you and kind regards,

Having the same problem. Following this thread to see where this goes.

Same here,
all machines are upgraded with latest Calamari version.

In addition in this warning there is broken link to environments page - it points to “/environments” instead of “/app#/environments”

Hi Andrzej,

The wrong link was fixed in 3.2.0 ->

The false alarm message Issue still hasn’t been fixed ->



OK, thanks for following up. I will be checking out often.