Calamari, Ubuntu 16.04, & Tar @LongLink

How are Tar files extracted on Linux machines? I have an Ubuntu 16.4 machine that is deploying a tar.gz file but because the directory structure is so deep the tar does not extract well. Seems Tar has a limit of 99 characters when in POSIX mode.

I get @LongLink files or file names are truncated after extraction when Calamari does the extraction. If I " tar xvfz test.tar.gz" the tar extracts fine.

An example path …


extracts to


Hi Dustin,

Thanks for getting in touch! We are currently aware of this, it is a bug with SharpCompress. I will post a link to the GitHub issue below.

SharpComress is in the middle of a .NET core rewrite so we can not build from master at the moment. When it is done in about a week or so we will try and get this fix out.

There is a work around though if you need this before the fix is pushed. All you will need to do is use .ZIP instead of .tar.gz

Hope that helps.