Calamari Permission Denied on Linux

I’ve setup a SUSE Linux target and the deployment fails in the Acquire Packages.
Right now I am only attempting to place a file.
The tentacle has been reinstalled and its check is healthy. I was able to deploy to other Linux machines without making any changes to the user.

/home//.octopus/GT_WS/Work/20210311224532-61925-5/ line 17: /home//.octopus/GT_WS/Calamari/linux-x64/4.9.20/Calamari: Permission denied

Thank you.


Can you send through the Tentacle Configuration or alternativily could you please compare the tentacle configuration for a working linux machine and this machine?

You just need to run

Tentacle list-instances

This will provide the configuration file you need to check. Then run

Tentacle show-configuration --instance=

This will show you the configuration for that instance.

I am wondering if the “Home” directory is correct. I’m unsure if the double slash should be seen in the error. /home//.octopus which leads me to believe, it might actually be listed in the config file accidentally.



Hi @dane.falvo,
The only difference between the working Linux target and the one with the permissions issue in Octopus is the Linux target itself.
There isn’t a way to run “Tentacle list-instances” on the Linux machine. It is a self-contained calamari install.
The name of the user was removed between /home/ and /.octopus/.

Is there a user permission/configuration I’m missing that could be causing Octopus to be able to install calamari and pass health checks while not being able to allow installs?

Hi Jwkill,

I’m terribly sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

What version of Octopus are you using? Cloud or on-prem?
What version of Suse are you using?
I’m not seeing the same issues as you on my openSUSE installation - Do you have other SUSE installations working?

Are you using a polling or a listening tentacle? I should be able to provide some more specific troubleshooting techniques once I have these other details.

We have a few tips on Troubleshooting Tentacles - Make sure you have a good read through this page and see if anything applies to you.


Hi @dane.falvo
There were unexpected permissions changes on the Linux machine which allowed read and write but not execution.
The health check, which was coming back healthy, wasn’t using the calamari itself. It appears it was running a shell command, which I’d originally thought was a health checking using the calamari.
After changing the permissions in the home folder an expected library error occurred and now the installation of .Net Core is underway.

This is now solved.

Thank you for your time.

Thank you for the update and the detail in the last message. This will be very helpful to anyone else that finds this ticket who is having the same issue.


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