Calamari can not run a powershell script if it has less then 500 mb of space?

We are getting the following error when trying to run a powershell script. This is sort of a catch 22 for us. We have scripts that run to cleanup space if steps before failed. This means that if we fill up the drive those scripts can not cleanup items for the next deployment. Is there any reason why this is a requirement for simply running a deployment item? I understand with trying to download and unpack packages.

he drive containing the directory 'C:\Octopus\Work\20151012140744-35' on machine '<machine>' does not have enough free disk space available for this operation to proceed. The disk only has 273 MB available; please free up at least 500 MB.

Hi Brent,

Thanks for getting in touch and a fair point!

I have raised GH issue #2062 to have a look at if this check really needs to be enforced when running a PowerShell script.

Thank you and warm regards,