C# Adding Variable Set to One Project


I want to add one my variable set to my octopus project with octopus.client
Here is my code block ;

LibraryVariableSetResource _Library = repo.LibraryVariableSets.FindByName(“Deneme”);

ProjectResource _project = repo.Projects.FindByName("@Ty.DevOps");


But I got this error (Attached File) Please Help.


Thanks for getting in touch! I ran this past one of our developers who pointed out that the following line:


Should be changed to:


Whilst changing that line seemed to work for us, we were not able to replicate the same error as you attached in your screen shot. So if the above does not help you fix this issue, would you be able to send through the rest of the your code for this?

Looking forward to hearing from you. :slight_smile:

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