BUMP: Override one library variable set with another

I’d like to reopen this discussion: http://help.octopusdeploy.com/discussions/questions/4523-override-one-library-variable-set-with-another

We have a situation where there are many different apps and microservices that communicate with each other via RabbitMQ. Our particular app wants to leverage some newer features of RMQ, while the rest of the landscape does not wish to be forced to upgrade at the same time as us, due to testing requirements etc. - fair enough, so we have procured our own RMQ servers just for our app, which consists of 3 service and 1 client project, all of which now have different RMQ configuration to the normal DEV, TEST, PROD and PROD2.

Can you see where I am going with this?

So we had already created our own library variable set, with variables that our specific to our application, but now I thought, ah-ha, I will override the existing RabbitMQ.Server variable from our “Common” variable set in our app-specific variable set, and it will just work, but now I see that this is not supported.

'Twould be useful if it was, as it’s a minor pain to have to create this variable in each of the 4 projects where it needs to be. But luckily we only have 4 projects. In a microservices architecture, it could easily be many more…

Hi Matt,

Thanks for reaching out. This is possible using the Octopus API to migrate data between variable sets, though I might be a bit tricky to do. I’ve recently showed another user how to migrate variables from a project to a variable set on the link below, and I believe a similar logic could be applied in your case


Would you like to schedule a call so we can talk this in a bit more detail and maybe give it a try? If you are up to it, please select a time from the link below


Best regards