Building Calamari fails on Linux

We would like to add/contribute to the bash-runner in Calamari, but are having a hard time getting it to build properly.

Since it is configured for dotnet 2.0.3 I’m trying using a Ubuntu 16.04 image.
Neither plain “dotnet build” nor running the build-sh script works.
With the latter I get a lot of “The reference assemblies for framework error MSB3644: The reference assemblies for framework “.NETFramework,Version=v4.0” were not found”.
Building on Windows works, but when I try to run the tests on Linux is does not find any appropriate tests.

The readme references a very, very old dotnet-version, so I don’t assume that is right. This makes me unsure if the other build script are up to date either?

Would it be possible to get some quick info on what environment/distro/setup should be able to build/run the linux-tests?


You need to specify the framework to build so that it does not try to build the net40 target. ie --framework netcoreapp2.0. Also run the build against just the test project, not the solution as a whole as not all projects can be built on .net Core.

Our CI server runs the folllowing on Ubuntu 16.04 to run the tests:

-f netcoreapp2.0 --filter "TestCategory != Windows & TestCategory != fsharp & TestCategory != scriptcs" --logger trx

Hope that helps

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