Build error for 3.5 nuGet


I started to use 3.5 version of NuGet but it is giving me this error.
You are trying to build with OctoPack, but the NuGet targets file that OctoPack depends on is not available on this computer.
This is probably because the OctoPack package has not been committed to source control, or NuGet Package Restore is not enabled.
Please enable NuGet Package Restore to download them. For more information, see
How can I resolve this?


Thanks for reaching out! The error says the nuget Targets file is missing, meaning the file shown below is not there at the time of executing Octopack:

It sounds like you are either not restoring the Octopack nuget package during the build, or that you haven’t commited all the files the package adds to your solution (among them, this /tools/Octopack.targets file).


Thanks for your support.

I tried using restore mode but still having build error.
This is the error message I am getting.

[23:43:18][pack] Could not find a part of the path ‘C:\bin’.
[23:43:18][pack] Process exited with code 1
[23:43:18][Step 4/5] Step NuGet Pack failed


Unfortunately I’m gonna need a bit more info to know where this error is coming from. Every time you have a build error, please try to attach the full build log so we can see the whole context :slight_smile:

Looking forward to see that log!

Oh and remember to click on the MAKE PRIVATE button on the right and side of this screen if your log has sensitive data that you don’t want to share with anyone besides our staff.