Build and deploy single app but for different tenant or branch

I have an ASP.NET app, which always maintain in few mode “in progress”, “last release”, “last 2nd release” … Each of them is named by version number, stored in diff source control folder, diff version number, diff output folder and etc

I would like to know, how could I use octopack to read custom variables value from ini / xml file / any media, so that when I build and deploy I just need to specify the variable files and then the process will be run accordingly?

Thank you


Thanks for getting in touch! I am not sure I completely understand what you are asking. OctoPack runs during build and creates a package from the MSBuild output.
It has no real ability to read files, or extrapolate data used during the deployment.

What build server are you using, or are you using Visual Studio? We would recommend that the build server could control those values depending on what you are after.

Maybe if you could explain in a bit more detail the information you are trying to determine when creating your package, and then your deployment I might be able to assist with a suggestion.