Bug with permissions

Hi! I have been created custom Role in “Teams” and add to it different view permissions.

When user in group with this role open “Library”->“Variable sets”, he gets error (screenshot in attachment)

User 100% have this permission.

P.S.: Octopus version


Thanks for getting in touch! Could you please provide us the following info:

  1. All the Roles granted on this custom Team Role you created. See attached screenshot to get an idea of what i’m looking for.

  2. Is the team where this role is being used scoped to a specific project or is it scoped to “All projects”? If you can send a screenshot of the team configuration where we can see all the Team Roles, Projects and Environments assigned to that team, that’ll be the best.



Hi! I am sorry for big delay in answer.

  1. screenshots of roles in attachment
  2. team has scopes to projects and environments


The team that provides the permissions to the variable sets must be scoped to “all projects” for the user to be able to modify them. The logic behind this is that the variable sets can be used by any project, and any change on them would impact all the projects using it. Because of this we consider it a global permission project-wise.



I want this team to view variables, not edit.

There is 2 parameters, “VariableView” and “VariableViewUnscoped”

In this case how works “VariableViewUnscoped” ?

I cant give permission to all projects because of security issues.


It is the same logic for viewing and editing: The Library Variable Set might have sensitive info like users/passwords that is being used by many projects. For this reason we set this restriction of the team having to be scoped to “all projects”.

If you cant give permission to all projects, you’re either gonna have to use the Project’s variable set, or have the Octopus administrator manage the Library Variable Set for you.

Sorry for the crappy news.


Ok, thank you. I understood.