Bug with deleted packages in project releases

Hi Support

I detected a bug when listing old releases referencing deleted packages. There is an exception:
Failed to retrieve notes: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

System information:
Octopus: 2019.3.1
Server OS: Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard 64bit


  1. Open any project in OD
  2. Click on “Releases” -> All releases are listed
  3. Click on any release -> Release details are shown
  4. The deployed packages are shown -> If the deployed package was deleted in meantime, an error is shown:

This is not a big problem for daily work.
It’s a cosmetic problem. But as former SW Engineer I hate these null reference exceptions :wink:

Thanks and regards
Maurus Erni

Hi Maurus,

Thanks for getting in touch.

This has been fixed in 2019.4.4 to show the proper error message that the package wasn’t found in the feed.

Thank you and best regards,

Hi Henrik

Thanks for your fast response. As this is a minor issue I’ll stick to 2019.3 .


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