Bug: Links in API request for environment machines contains no environment ID

Hi Octopus,

The api/environments/{id}/machines API call returns incorrect Links.

The environment ID is not filled in the links.

We use this links in our automation scrips, and thus are currently blocked by this issue.

We’re on Octopus Server version 2019.12.2
Is this already fixed is a newer version?
I don’t see a bugfix for this issue when comparing 2019.12.2 with 2019.12.5 .

Best regards,
Floris Devreese

Hi Floris,

Thanks for contacting. Sorry to hear that this issue is causing problems. I am currently investigating and will get back to you as soon as I find out more.


Hi Floris,

Thanks for your patience. I was able to reproduce your issue and did an investigation and it looks like there was a bug. The good news is that it has been fixed. You can upgrade to the latest LTS Release 2019.12.5 LTS. This should resolve the issue.


Hi Ali,

Just updated to 2019.12.6, and the bug is indeed fixed.


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