Bug: Automatic Release Creation fails when renaming process step

When configured to use Automatic Release Creation, if the “Release Creation package step” is renamed any time after configuring (and testing) ARC, the release creation process will not create new releases when the package is published to Octopus’ Nuget repo with this error in the log:

2015-08-20 10:17:28.5892     69  WARN  No release created for project 'PROJECT NAME' when package PACKAGENAME version 2015.8.20.5 was pushed. No matching step could be found in the latest release.

To get ARC working again, ARC was disabled and re-configured on the project using the process step’s new name, then a release had to be manually executed; ARC did not function properly until a successful release with the correct step name was completed. After that, all future arrivals of new packages did initiate ARC successfully.


Thanks for reaching out. If you check the error it says No matching step could be found in the latest release.. This means that a step with that name was not found on the previous release, and for that reason the ARC is not being triggered. We added this as a safety measure back in 2.6 to prevent unexpected releases to be created if the name of the step changes. To make ARC work again, you need to manually trigger the first release after the name change. That way, when you push a new package with ARC on, Octopus will detect that a step with that name DID exist on the previous release, and your new release will be automatically created.