Bug: AdminUser can not upgrade tentacle that belongs to multiple environments

I’m having a minor issue. We have 2 teams on our octopus server.
1st team: The developers, they have access to machines in the build, dev, test env
2nd team: IT Ops, they have access to machines in the staging and prod env

Now I have my local workstation that belongs to all the environments, since I use it to test octopus. When my local tentacle is outdated, then a user from IT Ops with the admin priviliges and limitation to staging & prod can not upgrade my local instance.

It’s not a real problem, but I guess a minor bug when it comes to the validation of user auth.

Hi Ben, thanks for getting in touch!

This is by design - a user without privileges to access an environment can’t impact that environment directly.

One thing you might do is give a team, say, IT Ops, “Environment manager” permission to build/dev/test.

Or, a bit more tinkering, you can use the Tentacle.exe command line to create a second instance of Tentacle on your workstation, so that effectively the workstation becomes two separate machines.

The command-line to do this is documented at http://docs.octopusdeploy.com/display/OD/Automating+Tentacle+installation - you can choose either listening or polling. Just use a different instance name from the default.

If you decide to have a shot at this let me know how you go!