Browse RavenDB Dynamic Queries Always Return "Server Not Found"

  1. Open Browse RavenDB from the Octopus Manager
  2. Select Dynamic Query
  3. Select any dynamic index (for example, projects)
  4. Before entering any query criteria, click Execute to return all records
  5. Enter simple criteria (for example, Name: *)
  6. Click Execute

The error “Server Not Found” displays. I did find an issue posted to RavenDB, but this was closed because it could not be reproduced: Also, if this posting is applicable, then it may be a version issue:!topic/ravendb/GhHtgSBscxk

Hi Bob,

Thanks for getting in touch! We actually disallow dynamic queries when we setup RavenDB for Octopus.
This is for performance. Any dynamic query will create a set of indexes that are only used once.

Sorry if this is not the answer you were hoping for.

Hello Vanessa,

That’s fine. I’m able to use static queries and reports to get what I need. Good to know there’s a reason.