Broken custom expression in Enable field in IIS Binding properties form


I’m experiencing quite weird behavior when trying to save custom expression on IIS Binding “Enable” property. First time, when i save the expression and reopen the IIS Binding Edit modal window it looks ok.
But when i reload the whole page and open IIS Binding Edit modal again, expression for some reason is broken and RequireSNI property is filled with part of that expression.
(See attached images)

I’m using Octopus v3.1.1



Thanks for reaching out. We fixed a couple of UI bugs for that window since the version you are running and the latest (3.2.4). I just tried to reproduce this bug in 3.2.4 and I wasn’t able to do it.

At this point I can only recommend you to upgrade to 3.2.4 where this issue seems to be fixed.