Blue Green Deployment

I am in need of approach for the following requirement or trying to find if there is any built-in way through which octopus can handle this.

  1. I should set a limit of number of websites in a machine, say for example 3. When i create and deploy a release the oldest version of the website in that machine should be replaced with the newest release. Basically i want to have last 3 versions of my website up and running. Possibly on different ports. The newest will swap with the oldest. If there is a way in which octopus can identify which is oldest of deployed version and do swapping its well and great.

  2. In the above approach i also wanted to swap the port. I mean the newest should always run on port 80. Hence previosu versions of website also will swap the ports.

  3. My third requirement is actual ARR. How to handle router level traffic to blue and green through octopus. I know which can choose whether to deploy in blue or green. But how to really swap our requests coming to green or blue.

Thanks in advance. Looking forward for your answers at the earliest.

Hi Thara,

I believe I responded to an email from Karthik with the same question via email - this blog post should help:


Great Paul. Your answer for #3 please? What all router level changes required?