Block Target windows machine screen while deployment running

Hi Octopus users,
I need advice with the following scenario:
We have some of our deployment targets which are windows machines on location, We would like to preform a triggered deployment, these deployments include and update to the app, when the update is running we need to prevent the users from doing anything on their machines, when the deployment is finished 2 services should be restarted (but we are OK also with a commuter restart). Before writing our own small app that will be deployed as first step, this app will overlay the screen and prevent user interaction, and last step of deployment will restart (either services or computer).

My question is basically, can I stop the user from interacting with their computer while the deployment is running (ideally with a message saying something like: installing…please wait…) ? or do we have to do it ourselves?
Thank you

Hi @ekafri,

Thank you for getting in touch.

Unfortunately, there is no out-of-the-box functionality to prevent a user from using a computer during a deployment. You would have to write a custom app (or script) that would inform the user that a deployment is in progress.

Sorry I don’t have any better news than this for you.

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Thank you Henrik :slight_smile:
That is not be a problem, just hoped there is something out there to save time…