Block packages from being overwritten

Is it possible to configure Octopus so that when a package is uploaded and it already exists for Octopus to just error out and not overwrite the existing package ?

I’m using the “OctopusDeploy: Push packages” runner in TeamCity, if a package already exists in Octopus it just gets overwritten.

Hi @Exocomp, thanks for reaching out.

The default behavior of the push packages step is to not overwrite an existing package. This behavior can be changed with the Force overwrite existing packages option in the advanced settings.

If your TC step is resulting in packages being overwritten, then the Force overwrite existing packages setting is most likely enabled, and disabling it will give you the behavior you are looking for.

Matt C

Hi @Matthew_Casperson,

Your right that was checked, thank you for the help!

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