Beware: variables bug after deleting steps

I’ve been deploying about 10 steps in 1 project. Today I consolidated some end point services and deleted 4 steps. When i went back to update variables I found all the variables were mixed up with different steps. Seems the deleting of steps caused this bug to appear.

Thanks for the bug report, we’ll fix it in the next release:


Hi Leblanc,

I just tried this in the latest release and I can’t reproduce the error. When a step is deleted, we simply delete all variables that reference that step ID. We don’t change any variables, so I don’t know why your variables would be “mixed up”.


I am the only one that deploys from the Robust Haven license we purchased on 10/5/2012. This project has been deploying since then. I upgrade as soon as newest version is released.

I lost at least an hour realigning variables with correct packages after deleting a few steps each with a few variables.

I was using the stable version before: Version during this time period. Currently I am up-to-date with Version .

I was able to realign variables with correct packages - but it was an inconvenience and wanted to report.