Best way to implement - 10 mins for rollback and then proceed

Hi there,

I’ve a modelling question that need some advice on. I’m looking to add a rollback step at the end of the release process before completing.

My issue is that we will end up with several release being left and forgotten about once the release has gone ok. My thinking is to have the release process sit at the rollback step and if no manual intervention after a set time the process continue and marks the release as complete (with no roll back).

Anyone any ideas if anything like this is feasible? Had a look through the community tasks but cannot see anything.

Any suggestions?

Hi John,

Thanks for reaching out. Currently there is no easy way to achieve what you are asking for in Octopus. The manual intervention step doesn’t have a timeout option and it will sit there indefinitely until it is actioned. One possible option would be to have a program/script that is constantly checking the state of the deployments (this could possibly also be done with a deploy a release step, where you have a child deployment that performs this task), and if a deployment has been sitting on a manual intervention step for a set period it could abort the deployment and in turn you could have a rollback step set to only run when the manual intervention step fails.

Kind regards,
Tom W

Thanks for getting back to me Tom. Think I’ll just leave it to the manual step for the time being. Just thought worth exploring if feasible!

Thanks again

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