Best upgrade path from BAT files?

We’ve been running our OD deployment (along with MSBUILD, OctoPack and SVN command line) for a few months with moderate success. However there are obvious limitations to using DOS BATch files to do this.

We want to achieve more monitoring capability and be able to, for example, send out an email if something goes wrong.

Any thoughts from the community on the right next step? We’ve considered the following and are quite fluent in both.

  • Powershell script
  • C# console app

Hi Michael,

Thanks for reaching out.

  • Could you tell us a bit more about these limitations you are running into when trying to deploy DOS BATch files?

  • What kind of monitoring you’d like to have in place?

  • Have you tried using Email notification steps and set them to only run when a previous step failed? If you had tried this already, which limitations you found when using it for your scenario?


Thanks for your reply. I’m actually talking about the packaging and build, not the deployment, so my question is sort of outside the bounds of Octopus. Since we already do a lot of powershell, we’ll likely step up to that.

Just wondering if anyone in the community thinks that C# console app would be better than a powershell script.