Best set up for multiple Development Streams and QA environments for same project?


Just wondering what people’s thoughts are on setting up a QA environment for producing patch / emergency releases as well as separate branched (new features) set of code and deploying using Octopus Deploy.

The end goal is to have ability to have a constant development stream targeting a QA environment for every day development. But, in case there’s some developer that needs to make an emergency patch and deploy to a different set of machines in QA, what would be the best way to set this up?

Currently we tackle this problem by having two different Octopus Projects that have the same steps and variables except that the steps target different machine “roles” and pick up nuget packages from different repositories.

I’m finding this to be a very Cumbersome solution because every time a new variable is created, it needs to be done for all the other projects that have the “same” set of steps. Recently I had introduced a massive change in our main project to target a whole new environment with quite a lot of new variables, and realised I had to do the same for ALL the other projects. Yikes!



I just want to pitch in and say that we are very interested in a solution to this as well.

In our setup we use a git-flow setup, with the main master and develop branches, and release and feature branches. We have the basic setup for TeamCity and Octopus Deploy described in the

What would be the best way to deploy all our branches, perhaps to different dev/test/staging environments?

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Hi Adam,

Currently, cloning the project would be the best way to visualize this. We do have plans to add better branching/multiple streams of work support in a future release.


Hi Paul,

Are there any news on the above?

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Hi All,

We have an RFC on the blog about branching, if you haven’t already then please go and add your comments.