Best approach when returning to same tentacle?


We have a flow where a website is deployed to DevServer1Website1 on every commit (Octo environment “Dev”). Each night, the same website is deployed to QaServer1Website1 (Octo environment “QA”) and some automated test are executed. If they succeed we want to push Website1 to DevServer1Website2. That is - back on to Server1 but in a different website-instance than used under “Dev”.

Question is:
Should we create another environment in Octopus that just points to the same tentacle as defined in Octo environment “Dev”? Or should (can) we somehow reuse that environment?


Thanks for reaching out. Creating a new environment for QA that uses the same machine would be the best, as It’ll allow you to easily scope steps/variables when you specifically deploy to DevServer1Website2. It’ll also be more organized, as you’ll always know that deployments to Dev always point to DevServer1Website1, and deployments to QA always point to DevServer1Website2