Bad version number prevents access to all release screens

I created a release with a plus sign (, similar to what is described in item #10 of the SemVer spec.

The version number shows in the list of releases, but if I try to access it, I get the error Release ' 1' for project 'projects-1' was not found.. If I try to access any other release or the Create Release page, I get Invalid version string Parameter name: version.

Since I can’t access any release pages the only way I could think to recover was to change the version number directly in RavenDB.

Which part of this version number is not supported? Could it be prevented at input time?





Hi Adam,

Thanks for getting in touch! We believe it is the plus sign that is causing this error, and you have also correctly identified how to workaround the issue.
Our latest version allows you to access and delete/edit those bad releases.
But I have also created an issue on GitHub to allow for plus signs in versions
For now I would suggest a hyphen instead, until we can resolve the issue.

Sorry for the troubles. I will update this post when it is released.

Great, thank you for your help!