Backup of Octopus 2.x is over ten times bigger than backup of 1.6

After migrating from Octopus 1.6 to 2.1 with importing the backup we recognized that the new 2.0 backups are over ten times bigger than the old 1.6 backups. With 1.6 our backup was about 80 MB, now it is nearly 1 GigaByte! And it is growing each day about 100 MB.
Do you have any ideas what is going on/wrong there or what we have to change to get smaller backups again?

Hi Thomas,

That does seem quite big. Are you using retention policies to clean up old releases?

You can rename a backup file to .zip and then explore the contents to see which files are taking up the most space (I’d be interested to know which ones).

We have plans to limit the number of backup files to keep if that helps you?


Hi Paul,

it looks like something is wrong with the compression of the backup files. I noticed that the encrypted ActivityLogs are included in the backup. I think that this is the reason for the size of the backup files. Can it be that you encrypt the backup first, and then compressed?

Hi Paul,

we are using retention policies, but the task is never ending. We see lots of these entries in the logfiles:

WARN Outstanding Retention tasks were not completed before the next task was due to be scheduled. If this error persists, check the Tasks tab for any running Retention tasks, and cancel them manually.

If we cancel the running task, next time it “hangs” again.

We have a lot of logging output during every deployment, this should be the reason for the big activity log files.

Automatic cleaning up the backup folder (keep last X backups or last X days) would be a very good feature too.

Best regards,

Thanks, I’ve raised an issue here to track it: