Backup and Restore

Hi Team,
Can you please help me in taking backup of the whole Octopus (that includes Projects, environments, etc)?
I have seen the online link , But this is not helpful enough for me to understand.
I believe this needs master key while restoring the same. Please also let me know how to obtain master key.

Hi Pratik,

Thanks for getting in touch! The following documentation shows how to retrieve the master key:
Via UI:
Via command:

Hope that helps!

Thanks Vanessa, but how to do the backup?
Will it be okay, if i just take database backup, Have the master key
and then restore the database and reset up Octopus Server with that master key? Will it include everything or will have to do some additional setup?

Hi Pratik,

As stated on the backup page there are three areas to backup. Your database, your master key and your Octopus home folder generally found in C:\Octopus in standard installation paths.
In the C:\Octopus folder there are files stored on disc, which are packages, task logs and artifacts. These will all be required for a full restoration.