Azure Resource Management Templates calling Post deploy script


We had recently upgraded Octopus from version 3.17.14 to v2018.9.11 and have noticed an issue in deployments that use ARM templates.

We noticed that our deployments with ARM template steps fail because it tries to run the post deploy Powershell script despite the ‘Template file path’ and the ‘Parameter file path’ specified.

The same step is working correctly in the earlier version.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Shinu,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Are you able to clarify how or why these post deploy scripts are failing? Could you please attach a raw task log and details about your post-deploy script to help us reproduce?

There was an issue fixed earlier this year where ARM steps were not executing pre/post deploy scripts, so you would need to ensure that any PreDeploy.ps1, Deploy.ps1, and/or PostDeploy.ps1 scripts in your package are able to execute successfully, or remove/rename them from your package if you don’t need them (as Octopus will execute any scripts with these filesnames in your package now).


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Hi Mark,

Thank you for your explanation. We were unaware that the pre/post deploy scripts not being run with the ARM step was an issue and that all such scripts in the package will be run now.

As suggested, we will now create a new package for the ARM steps.

Thank you so much for your help.