Azure Octopus Extension Undoing Changes Made


I installed a fair chunk of tentacles using Azure Octopus Extension. We adjusted the roles, and environments on all of those tentacles using the Octopus server gui. They worked fine for about 4-5 months. About 2 weeks ago it seems all of those are now being reverted to the original state. Looking into this it seems there is some kind of DSC this follows? Is there anymore information that can be provided on this? I want to be able to adjust roles/environments, etc at anytime without re-installing the extension in Azure.

Hi @mowilson!

The Azure extension does have DSC-like properties, and we did recently release a new version that did fix a couple of bugs, which lines up when you started seeing the reversion back to the extension’s configured settings. Sorry if this was an unexpected result in your case!

If you’re just after automation for the initial setup of the machine, leaving Octopus as the source of truth for the configuration of the tentacle, you may just want to use a different automation method.

I hope this helps!

Hi Justin,

Thanks for your reply! Is there a way to adjust the desired state on the server itself? Maybe a file that lives on the server where I can change the roles, environments, etc?

Sadly, the extension always thinks that it is the source of truth about the tentacle, so it will adjust it to whatever the current configuration is.

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