Azure DevOps OctoPack crashes when update server not reachable

See log below, pretty self-explanatory with the title, side note: as of writing this your site is struggling :slight_smile:

##[section]Starting: Package BI.DatabaseMigrations
Task         : Package Application
Description  : Package your application into a NuPkg or Zip file.
Version      : 3.0.222
Author       : Octopus Deploy
Help         : Version: 3.0.222. [More Information](
Attempting to contact to find latest CLI tools
##[error]Error: Failed request: (502)
##[error]Failed to execute octo pack command. Failed request: (502)

Hi @mattjeanes23,

Sorry that you encountered this issue - it seems like Cloudflare had a hiccup this morning that made our sites unavailable for a short while.

We understand that this scenario is quite frustrating, and it stems from the build server looking for the process looking for tooling tagged as version latest. Which doesn’t happen unless our Octo installer task is present in the chain. If it isn’t, it will always attempt to download from us, which causes these problems in the rare moments when our servers are not available for some reason.

Our team is looking into improving this, but for now, this problem can be resolved by incorporating the Octo installer task into your build chain.

I hope this helps!

This issue stems does check for Octo.exe in the local tools cache, but unfortunately, in scenarios where our Octo installer task isn’t present, it looks for the version latest in the cache, which does not exist, so it always attempts to download it.

They have plans on improving this workflow in future releases, so hopefully you won’t have to ensure the installer task is present in the future.

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