Azure deployments and transform on csdef-file (vmsize different in each env.)

Hi Paul & co,

We are doing Azure-deployments and have 4 seprate Cloud Services - test, qa, stage, prod. This means we are not using the built-in swap-functionality of Azure.

In production we use a larger vmsize than the test and qa environments. Seeing as vmsize is defined in ServiceDefintion.csddef, and not in ServiceConfiguration.(ENV).csfcg (which is transformed by octo) - is it still possible to have Octo do transforms on the csdef somehow?

Hi John,

Currently no. However, you could write a PowerShell script to do this, and save it as a PreDeploy.ps1 file inside your .nupkg file. Octopus will run this during deployment and you’ll have access to all the variables like the current environment etc.