Azure deployment to subfolder endless folder creation

I need to deploy package to Azure Web App subfolder. So I have set Physical Path parameter to editor. At the first time everything was ok. But then Ive changed path to site. And instead of creating a new folder in wwwroot site folder has been created in editor subfolder. More then that - on some of next deployment another site folder has been created in site folder. So for now in Kudu I have the following deployment path: D:\home\site\wwwroot\editor\site\site\site\site\site while in octopus deployment step I have:

And even more: if I delete whole wwwroot folder that folder structure will be re-created on next deployment! The worst thing in all that process that I couldnt predict it. How can I be sure that in some day next site subfolder wouldn’t be created?

May be I am doing something wrong? How could I fix that odd behavior?

Octopus v4.1.10


Thank you for getting in touch. Could you share the rest of your step configuration please, either screenshots or a JSON export (from the Process over page, the overflow menu top right).

Also could you enable writing the variables to the log and sending me the export of the log?

You can send these to me directly by clicking on my user name and selecting Message.


Robert W

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