Azure deploy with other VM server issues

I have a situation where i want a web application deployed to 2 amazon VM servers and 1 azure web app server.
Since Octopus doesn’t treat azure as an environment, but as a separate step, this makes deployment kind of confusing.

I have a project to deploy a package. I’m using 1 process to deploy the web package that sends to my 2 amazon VMs. The 2 servers are set up with ‘web server’ roles, and both in the ‘development’ environment.
i have another process in this project to deploy to the azure server. For some reason, it’s asking for a role in this, which if i put ‘web server’ in there it seems to try to deploy to my amazon VMs. I also have it set up to be in the ‘development’ environment.

My main question is, is this how it’s supposed to be set up? Why does ‘role’ exist in the azure process, and can it be blank in my case?

Hi Phil,

Thanks for getting in touch! I agree that this can be confusing. In case of Azure Web Apps the roles list is mainly for Cloud Regions

That being said in your particular case you can simply leave it empty.

Please, let me know if that doesn’t solve your problem.