Azure Cloud Service, releases and environments

Hi, trying out octopus deploy and can’t seem to come to grips with the Azure Cloud Service releases.
Since I’m adding all info about the cloud service, name, staging/production as a step and not in an environment.
How would I go ahead using Azure Cloud Service deployments to multiple environments?
Should’n the cloud service be an environment? Do I need one project for each cloud service.
Want to be able to release and track my deployments to different azure cloud services depending on production, staging and development and so forth. How should I manage environments and Azure Cloud Service in octopus? If there’s no way at the moment, is this something to be addressed in version 2.0?


I have the same question as Emanuel.

I’ve currently solved it by using 4 steps, for which each single step only applies (i.e. is run) to one environment. Looks a bit ugly to me, but it works.

The drawback of my solution posted over is that the following scenario occurs:

  1. Create a release to an environment

2 .The user is asked to pick 4 packages, one for each defined Azure Deployment step. When selecting packages, it does not say which step it belongs to neither.

  1. 3/4 steps are skipped in every deployment. Only the single step assigned to the environment you are deploying to is run.

Hi John,

Does this post help?


Mind. At. Ease. Thanks, Paul :slight_smile:

Tip #1 is only applicable in non-Azure-scenarios, so was familiar with Roles and assigning them to physical Machines.

Tip #2 was exactly what I was looking for in the Azure case.

Hope this helps you out as well, Emanuel.

/Happy customer