Azure Cloud Service Deployment Step missing


I am using Octopus Deploy 3.0 and trying to deploy the application to Azure Cloud Service. But when I go into the project process and open the “Add Step” dialog, I do not see “Deploy an Azure Cloud Service” step.

I can see that it is available out of box in 2.6 and also in 3.0 as mentioned here -

Refer the attachment for the list of deployment steps available to me. Also, note that as a pre-requisite I have added my Azure subscription in the account.

Altaf B.

Hi Altaf,

Thanks for reaching out. We introduced that step in 3.1.0, please see the blog post about it ->

Apologies for the misleading documentation. The upgrade from 3.0 to 3.1 should be pretty quick and painless.

Warm regards,


Thanks Dalmiro.

Perhaps the document should be updated.