Azure Active Directory Integration Unable to achieve SSO

In the above documentation the last part Get the Client ID and Issuer is bit misleading with the url information. The actual endpoints are and change it to

Please correct.
Also, I have to click sign in. its not a true SSO.

This page answered my SSO question

Do we have the SignOut URL?

Also, When I revoke the access to the user in the AAD . I’m still able to login with the same user. Not sure is that an expected behaviour

Hi Mani,

Thanks for getting in touch! We have updated our documentation pages to better clarify and be more straightforward. I appreciate you spending the time to help us improve them. Here are the specific changes we have made (any additional input is definitely welcome).

Just to clarify, the SignOut URL you’re referring to is the OAuth sign out? If so, we do not use it, and that’s by design. The intent of the log out in Octopus has always been related to logging out of Octopus only. Changing that behavior to sign the user out at the identity provider level was something we decided against, at least for now. If we move towards full bearer token support this could quite possibly change.

Great to hear you got your SSO question answered. We have deliberately designed it to make it an opt-in behavior.

I hope that helps! Let us know if you have any further questions.

Kind regards,