Azure Account Question

We currently use an Azure account to deploy to our azure cloud.

The Azure account we are using references a octopus variables called Azure_Account. The value of that Azure_Account octopus variable is “azureserviceprincipal-non-prod”

However, I don’t see that “azureserviceprincipal-non-prod” account name in the Infrastructure/Accounts page. The closest account name I see is called “Non-Prod”.

Does octopus automatically convert account name of “Non-Prod” to “azureserviceprincipal-non-prod”?

If octopus doesn’t do that conversion, where can I find “azureserviceprincipal-non-prod” account?

Hi @thai_j,

Thanks for getting in touch! I imagine your Non-Prod account was created with the ID azureserviceprincipal-non-prod. If you click on that account in the UI you can verify the ID of it in the URL when looking at that account specifically. You can also check your project variables and find Azure_Account, click Open editor and see which account is tied to that azure account-type variable.

I hope that helps! Let me know how you go or if you have any further questions.

Best regards,


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