Azure Account ignores tenant tags


since today 30 July we experience an issue with deploying our project.
Yesterday it was working fine.

Our deployment process starts with a powershell script that creates resources within Azure with an Azure account that is linked using a environment (Development) and tenant type. The script works fine and creates resources in Azure. One of the final actions in this script is to create (or update) a deployment target for this new App Service.
When the script is finished, some post actions run, including the creation of the deployment target (noticed this in the RAW logs of the release).
Since of today that last step shows the error:
The step failed: Activity Run CI Script on a Worker failed with error ‘create-azurewebapptarget is invalid. ******* Azure Development (azureserviceprincipal-azure-development) is not available for this tenant.’.

Thing to note; I’m deploying to a specific tenant, not to all the tenants that matches the tenant type at once.

After an hour of debugging and attempts, I got it to work. But I’m not happy with the solution.

In the Azure Account, the tenant type seems to be ignored in these post-task steps. I need to assign the tenant directly to this account… Very undesirable!
The logs show that there was some sort of update around 03:00 AM, so I expect that an update has caused this issue. This is the second time a deployment of Octopus Deploy Cloud has lead us to quite some severe debugging and fixing the process in a short time.

This is a known issue and if so, is this going to be fixed?

Thank you,

Hi Mathijs,

Welcome to the Octopus community.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and sorry to see you are affected by this.

I’m going to raise this with our engineering team.

I’ll circle back around with you shortly with more information.

Thank you for your patience on this matter.

Kind regards,

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