Aws-iam-authenticator": executable file not found in %PATH%

I have an AWS EKS cluster. Just today, I can no longer connect to it, with the following error:

Unable to connect to the server: getting credentials: exec: exec: “aws-iam-authenticator”: executable file not found in %PATH%

how do I add this exec back to path? was this caused by the migration to Azure?

I solved this…
• Create an environment (Server-Admin), (no deployment targets needed)
• Create a Lifecycle (Server)
• Create a project for that lifecycle(server scripts).
• add a step of run script, selecting the “Run once on a worker” option. Since no workers are configured, octopus will chose the built-in worker.

chocolatey is installed, so the command “choco install -y aws-iam-authenticator” can be run.

Thanks for posting your solution up @ted.kuehn!

We’ll work on making sure that the AWS tools are present on our V2 workers!