Aws - elastic beanstalk


I was wondering if you were looking deploying to elastic beanstalk on aws at any point? Has anyone ever requested this?


Hi Rich,

We don’t currently have any plans as this is the first request I’ve seen. Would it be a matter of taking the NuGet package, turning it into a Web Deploy package, and then pushing it to elastic beanstalk similar to the way Azure deployments work?


I too would like to see the ability to use Octopus Deploy with ASW elasticity products.

It’s possible to do this currently. You just need to create an AWSDeploy package that will install the tentacle on a new instance, register with the server and invoke a push command.

On the same topic you can find more here:

I also wanted to add another vote for supporting deployments to AWS elastic beanstalk. I have read the articles linked so I know this can be done already. I was wondering if the issues with cleaning up the terminated EC2 instances has been fixed.

What if we wanted to use AWS command line tools to provision resources? Is it as simple as install these tools on Octopus server and giving it appropriate permissions. These are newby questions as I am on my day 2 of Octopus deploy evaluation.

I am also wondering if there has been any traction on this.


Hi Nick,

Thanks for getting in touch! There are a few points below could you what specifically you are after/concerned about?