Avoid to remove Deploy.ps1 and brothers

Dear all,
I did not found any further info about that more than official docs.
Is it possible to configure somewhere in Octopus to not delete Deploy.ps1, PreDeploy.ps1, etc. after running in tentacle?
Actually the problem is that whe already have a Deploy.ps1 in the package (deep in folder hierarchy) that has different meaning than Octopus’ one and changing its name could be problematic. I fix it checking in this ps1 the presence of array $OctopusParameters so to recognize if it has been run by Octopus on not.
However Octopus delete it anyway!

(i miss the age when these ps1 must reside on package root folder… :slight_smile:

Thank you all,

Hi Nicola,

Thanks for the post, currently it’s not possible to tell Octopus not to delete the .ps1 files. I’ll think about how we can support that in a future version.