Avoid deployment to default tentacle application directory for Windows service

Hi. I have an issue with deployment of a Windows Service. The NuGet package is being deployed 3-times. Basically we have 3 Windows services that use the same codebase, and simply a startup parameter differentiates the 3. Normally, when we manually deployed, the 3 Windows services would point to the same path. Now, with Octopus, this doesn’t seem possible, as each step overwrites the last and the configurations seem to be skewed. Nonetheless, since it is automated, we have no issue having 3 separate folders to house the same code. The problem is that we’d like to use a subfolder of the default Tentacle application directory to house these services (via 3 separate Processes within Octopus Deploy). Ex: C:\Octopus\Applications\Production\Service\\Subfolder1, C:\Octopus\Applications\Production\Service\\Subfolder2, and C:\Octopus\Applications\Production\Service\\Subfolder3. For some reason, when we specify the custom installation path for the Windows service, Octopus Deploy is basically recursing the deployment and so we’re left with an odd trail that eventually crashes - C:\Octopus\Applications\Production\Service\\Subfolder1\Subfolder1\Subfolder1\etc… and also, the package was also deployed to the root application package folder C:\Octopus\Applications\Production\Service\ Is there anyway to bypass the installation to the root application package folder? And also complete the approach were trying? Please let me know is at is rather urgent.

It looks like I have my answer:



Thanks for getting in touch! I think I understand your situation here and wonder if the “Custom Installation Directory” will solve the overall problem.

We will always unpack in a new location, but if you set them to be the same installation directory your code will end up in the same location at the end.

Please let me know if this is a valid solution.